I created this blog becuase I was rejected from a certain Blueland Blog contest. I feel like I really have something to say when it comes to Thrashers hockey and/or hockey in general so i thought why not. I will create a blog and see what happens..

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Blog night and such

I wanted to post more after my last post but I just didn't get around to it. Blogging at the game was something I really enjoyed doing. The guys over at the Thrashers (Ben mostly) did a really good thing with hooking up a "Blogger Night" at Philips. It was a really cool thing for us "little" people and I had a nice time viewing the game from a different aspect. Not only was it cool to watch the game (while blogging) from the press box, there was also free food, and good company. I enjoyed meeting the other bloggers for the team as I know most of them only by their writing. It's good to finally put names with faces. After the game we got to head "down under" and check out the post game conference with Hartley and take a peek into the locker room (I have pictures so hopefully I can get them to load). It was fun to see a few of the players running around in an after game scramble and the looks on their faces when they saw a random group of people in the room they were just in. I enjoy the change in perspective the most and I hope to one day get media credentials to enjoy this perspective more often.
That brings me into my next point.. there has been a debate going on for awhile about wether or not internet only people (like me) should be allowed credentials. There is so much going back and forth on it that its hard to say where it will go but I know I would like credentials simply to allow me to sit up in the press box and blog. As a fan of the Thrashers before I had the roles slightly reversed I had the privelage of going to practices and meeting the team (more than once) so to me that little thrill is over. I do realize there are probably people out there that would abuse the credential privelage and ask for autographs and pictures. I would like to be able to take pictures for the simple reason that I am an avid photographer and would like to build up my portfolio more for when I graduate college. I know I might be a rare type but I don't think it is asking for too much.
Well that's really all I have to say for now, I must get stuff done before tonight's game.
Check out for my sterling debate.. or well center debate that doesnt' really involve Sterling anymore since he isn't a center.

Talk to you soon or I'll see you around Blueland :)

Friday, January 26, 2007

It's been awhile

I have been really bad about updating this site of mine. It's sort of my fault, ok it's really all my fault but I try to pretend like it's not. Things have been really crazy in my life but like I have promised before I think I am back on track (you certainly never can tell though). Like I said before if you ever come to this site and I have not updated then please check my blog over at (I am the Thrashers blogger.. obviously). I update that site very freguently mostly because hockeybuzz gets more exposure than this one and Ir eally enjoy the fact that people get to read what I have to say. So off that soap box.. go check out that site if I dont update on here.

Around the leagues updates:
**ECHL: The Gladiators have managed to bump themselves back up to 1st place but they are only in that spot by 1 point. Texas is right below them with 51 points, I can see that race getting crazier and crazier as time goes on.
Player wise I don't think there is much going on except for Jon Awe getting signed byt the Wolves and spending a decent amount of time in Chicago. My sources tell him he is currently there and will play up there for a least a few more games.
Gwinnett is currently playing in Flordia and at the end of the 1st the score is 3 to 1 in favor of the Gladiators. I'll check that score again before the night is over...

**AHL: I just received word that defenseman Nathan Oystrick has been named to the Canadian AHL All Star team. The link to the story is here: thats pretty cool for Nathan. I am told he was selected (one of 3 newbies just picked) due to the number of players missing the All Star event for whatever reason. Chicago is currently playing in Omaha and the score of that game is in favor of Chicago. More updates on that later...
Back to Oystrick, in case you are interested there is a very good article about him here:
due to some things I was aware Nathan was adopted. I was also aware he had begun the process of meeting his mom. The article just puts the situation into perspective. Nathan is a great guy and I wish him all the best on the situation.

Game updates as of 9:07 pm EST:
**Chicago Wolves= in the 2nd period. Still 1 to 0 vs. Omaha
**Gwinnett Gladiators= 4 to 2 in the 3rd.. Gladiators still winning.

As for the NHL goes the All Star game/events just recently went on (if you are a hockey fan the only way you didnt know that is if you have been living under a rock) and I really enjoyed them. I had only barely watched the events before this year and I am glad I finally checked them out in full. They were really fun to watch, I think I enjoyed the Youngstars and Skills event more than the actual All Star game but certainly that is just me.

Game updates as of 9:36 pm EST:
**Gwinnett Gladiators lead Flordia 5 to 2 with 9:32 left.
**Chicago Wolves lead Omaha 2 to 0 at the end of the 2nd.

Back to the NHL stuff.. Each time I watch Alexander Ovechkin I become more and more impressed with him as a whole. Not only is he one of the best players in the league (I know most could and would aruge he is the best) but he has so much personality to him. You don't hear many big names joke around and Alexander is known for his cheekiness. I just really love a player with a sense of humor, it shows that AO has enough character to not let being the best get to his head.

Alright there are only 5 minutes left in tonight's matchup so my computer will soon be turned off but I wanted to give you the scores before I let you go.

Final game updates for 1/26 @ 9:53 pm EST:
**Gwinnett Gladiators: looks like the Gladiators had a little bit of a tough time pulling out this win.. the site I check is showing me that the game ended regulation 5 to 5. Looks there is going to be a shootout.
**Chicago Wolves: Still 2 to 0 and due to time I won't be able to update you further on that score but I believe the Wolves will be able to pull this one out..

If the Thrashers dont score in 3 minutes this game vs. the Islanders will go to a shootout.
If I don't update on that then go over to hockeybuzz to see what I have to say about that.

Thanks for still checking this blog and seeing what I have to say. It hasnt been what it use to be but I promise I am trying.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Please check out my post in Hockey buzz titled Similar feelings?
It's one of my best blogs so far so I am very proud of it (despite other feelings right now) so I won't be updating here for a while.. I want that blog to get read and talked about.
Here is the minor leauge information real quick though:
The Gladiators are in 3rd place still but this time they are only 2 points away from tying Texas for second.. 2 points.. come on boys!!
Game wise the Gladiators have been doing this:
The boys won 6 to 4 on Saturday vs. Pensacola. Goals were scored by Jon Awe, Jamie Milam, Joel Stepp, Scott Mifsud, Blue Bennefield,and Andy Contois. Assists went to Milam, Fretter, York,Blue Bennefield each had 1 while Chad Painchuard notched 2 and Scott Mifsud and Brad Schell had 3 assists each.
Sounds like a great game for the boys!! Congrats!!
Their next couple of games are:Thursday night at 7:05 the boys are at home (remember go out to the game if you can't find anything else better to do.. they have big beers haha), then the boys play saturday up in Columbia, SC.

AS for the Wolves: The Wolves are still riding very comfortably in 1st place with still 10 points between them and the next place team.
Last game: The Wolves lost 2 to 4 to Milwaukee. The 2 goals were scored by Mackenzie and Sterling while the assists went to Brian Sipotz,Joey Crabb, Darren Haydar, and Colin Stuart. Better luck next time boys!!
Next time is: Tuesday at home vs. Peoria (home is the AllState Arena) and then friday at home again.

Keep checking here and hockey buzz for all your updates :)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I am very bad at updates these days.. it's all because of my new blog on hockey so if you ever come here and there hasn't been an update in a while head over to, look for the Atlanta Thrashers logo, click on the title under the name and that would be my blog. So again anytime I fail at updating this its because I've been concentrating on that one. With that said though I do want to concentrate on this one as well.

Ok so here is the deal for now... Gladiators play tomorrow night in Augusta then Friday night at home.. I would go but Wayne and the Coyotes are in town that night and I don't think I can get out of it. Then they play again on saturday in Flordia. That is a tough schedule for the boys so I hope for their sakes that they can pull out a few wins. They are still in Third.

As for the Wolves.. Haydar was sent down here and then sent back to Chicago. Not sure why we thought we needed him and then sent him back. I was really hoping I would get to see him play but I guess that is not the case this time around.
Congratulations to the Wolves left wing Brett Sterling, it was annoucned today that he is rookie of the month AGAIN!! Brett was named the rookie of the month for november and it was just announced he is the rookie of the month again for DECEMBER!! What an honor for Brett!! You can read the rest of the story at the story is on the front page. Just click on Brett's picture or wait till it flashes up again.
As for the team the Wolves are still in first with 53 points and again the 2nd place team aren't even close to them. Chicago plays tonight vs. Houston at home so if you are bored go to and listen to the game!! The rest of their upcoming schedule (next couple of days) is as follows: Chicago plays in Omaha on Friday and then Saturday in Milwaukee then that is it for a few days. Good luck to the Wolves!! Keep up the good work and continue to win!!

Enough for now..

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Quick update.

It's getting harder for me to post here and on hockeybuzz. I want to keep both blogs going though because on here I have a little bit more freedom and I can ramble on about the younger teams as much as I want.
So here is my quick (and very sorry) update for now.

1. Thrashers lost tonight in Buffalo. Sad loss for the boys as it was a big game and the win would have been fabulous but nevertheless we lost. I would not say it was a killing though, the Thrashers played very well and hung on til the end. 1 goal was taken back (even though it should have been a goal) and then the Thrashers made a small mistake which resulted in big consequences. Buffalo scored on the end of a PP in the 3rd (around the 4 minute mark.. I think...) and then scored on an empty netter. Larsen was back on the meat and potatoes line and back to doing what he is great at-- penalty killing. Both Kari and Ryan Miller did a great job in goal.

2. The Gladiators won at home 7 to 4. Dave Caruso picked up the win and the Glads now have 38 points which is just 2 points shy of the number two spot. Since I wasn't at the game I don't have much else to say about it. Glad to see the boys win again and hopefully flordia will lose the next one because then that might just give us a chance to jump back into the number 2 slot.

3. Got an email today stating that Haydar was still on his points streak so that is good news for him and the Wolves. The Wolves beat the Americans 5 to 3 tonight at their home in Chicago. The win keeps the Wolves in their spot at 1st with no one trialing anywhere close to them. Haydar continued his point streak but rookie Brett Sterling lost his nine game point streak tonight. Who knows though maybe he will pick his streak back up next game.

Alright I know it wasn't much but that is all I have for tonight. Keep checking back and don't forget to email me if you have any questions.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Lots to talk about..

I have been very terrible about updating these days and I apologize for this it's just that it's been really nuts around here lately. Now that the holidays are over though I will have lots more time to update and get back into the groove of things. Today I was asked to join a group of Bloggers at so go over to the site and check it out. Who knows, you might find something that you like.
So here is what has been going on the last couple of days:
Thrashers beat Tampa Bay in the last 8 secnds of the game with a goal by Jim Slater. Then the Thrashers went on to the Penguins to see who was the better team becasue frankly for this season we were 1 and 1. Well the Thrashers came out on top this time which leaves the tally at 2 to 1. Don't point fingers Pittsburgh it's just the way it is.
Something I am very excited to report is that Garnet Exelby has been activated of the injured (sick) list and now it's all just a matter of conditioning till he is back on the ice and helping the boys out. As for other injuries Mellanby is out with what most would call a "crick in the neck" that occured when he was slammed into the boards in New Jersey. Forgive me for saying this because I love Mel but it might just be something that happens more and more as you get older. I still love the Captain though!! Then there is Rucchin who is out due to a hip flexor injury which can be very painful. A few girls I played soccer with in college had that and it took a while for them to get better. Larsen is still out with a forearm injury and Sutton has his ankle still recovering from surgery both as far as I know are on the IR till they get better. Yes I realize that is a very vague statement but it's all about time.
The All star voting ends on the 2nd so continue to go over to to vote for your favorite player.
As for the young guns here's what's been going on:
Gwinnett lost last night to Columbia 5 to 3. Jon Awe did well with 1 goal and 1 assist while Brad Schell had 2 goals and 1 assist. Dave Caruso was in goal for the Glads and Brad Schell was named the games 2nd Star. Standing wise the Glads are still 3rd with Flordia and Texas above them. The Gladiators are back in action tomorrow in Pensacola at 7:05 and then Saturday at home vs. the Ice Pilots again at 7:35.. The Thrashers aren't home so go out to Gwinnett and cheer on the Gladiators!!

For the Wolves.. Haydar broke the AHL scoring record and the frachise scoring record. Congrats to Haydar on his hot streak!! Currently Krog, DMac and Coburn are in Atlanta but that doesn't seem to be stopping the Wolves. The team did fall to the Houston Aeros last night 4 to 3 in the shootout. Larose, Haydar, and Sterling each had a goal. While Mark Popovic and Haydar each collected 2 assists and Larose had 1. Fred Braithwaite was in goal. As for the Standings the loss d
doesn't hurt the team too much, they still lead the West with 51 points while number 2 sits at 40 points. The AHL all star teams have not yet been announced but the voting continues at so go over and vote for your Wolves!!

Enough now. More later.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

The devil came down to georgia..

Got his ass spanked and went back home. I haven't been able to update due to many things such as my 21st bday in NYC and NJ, the holidays, being sick, lack of sleep etc. etc. etc.
Tuesday the 19th I got to see the Thrashers vs. New Jersey in NJ. I enjoyed the game despite the fact that I was freezing (let's be honest, I may be a huge hockey fan but that doesn't make up for the fact that I was born and raised in the south). It was great to see our boys and the way they reacted to us. Sometimes I think they get more excited to see Atlanta fans in another city than we get when we see them in another city. One thing I was not impressed with (and not surprised by either) was the attitude of the New Jersey fans. I've got to say the rudeness thing gets a little old but I guess that's how New Jersey fans are supposed to be. I also recommend that New Jersey fan's get better comebacks because "Marty is better than Marta" isn't a good comeback to Marty sucked 4 minutes ago. I am known to get in fights at away games simply because I have a hockey temper that I can't control but after someone said that to me I was simply speechless (and freezing). Now I am not saying every single Jersey fan is like that but the ones we ran into were not so nice.
Anyways despite the fans the game was good and we had a good time.
On to bigger and better things... we beat New Jersey in Jersey, we ended up beating the Penguins when they came back to Atlanta for the 2nd time,and we beat New Jersey again last night in Blueland.
The 1st two games ended in a shootout which sometimes drive me nuts. I'd rather win in regulation so we can take our 2 points without giving the other team a point and move on.
The shootout vs. the Penguins never should have happened. We were winning till seconds left and then we blew it. I say that because that is exactly what I feel like we did luckily we made it up in OT.
Yesterday in the game vs. New Jersey we won fair and square. Kari was great along with the rest of the team and Marty was not on his game. I've seen Brodeur at his best (as has everyone I believe) and when he is on he is on. Last night he looked like a completely different guy and maybe that is a good thing.
What is the deal with our defense scoring goals?? 2 of our 5 goals last night were scored by DMEN. Maybe they are our secret weapons? That could get interesting.

In other news:
The Gladiators won last night 7 to 3.. which didn't do anything for them standing wise.. just gave them 36 points. Jon Awe and Brad Schell were both named to the All Star team while Colton Fretter was named as a substitute. I'd really like to see Colton get a chance out there but I don't want to see anyone else get hurt.
The Wolves won last night 2 to 1 which keeps them in the lead with 48 points. The number 2 team isn't even close to them with 38 points. Looks like the Wolves can afford to mix things up a bit. Darren Haydar set a new AHL scoring record for the league's longest scoring streak. Haydar collected a point for the 32nd time straight last night in the team's 2 to 1 win. Congratulations to Haydar.

NHL wise Peter Bondra got his 500th goal the other night, while Michael Peca will be out for at least 3 months due to breaking his leg and tearing ligments in the game the other night vs. Chicago. Congrats to Bondra and a speedy (but not too quick) recovery to Michael.